Many of us out there feel lost in the today's world. Working the grind... day in and day out, losing a bit of ourselves every day. We all need something to keep us alive. Something that means the world to you. Not material. Metaphysical.

If you believe in that capturing the art of everyday moments can help to rediscover who you are and is what you live for, this is the workshop for you.





I will be working with your obsessions. You need to bring your obsessions to the workshop and we will study them together. To find what is needed to further your ideas. To find what you need to develop your skills, to understand what to look for in an image. Everyone will learn from the discussions from the work we will do during the workshop.

The workshop will be about your personal growth and visual development. I will look into the philosophy of your work. The purpose of your work. I will push you to work to find your inner voice. To find photographs that speak to you and are uniquely you. Not popular trends that will get you lots of likes on social media but to make you feel personal and purposeful about your own work. No more postcards shots for others. Images just for you.

This workshop is for beginner or intermediate photographers who are interested in honing their craft in street photography or furthering their projects. As an educator of six years, I have facilitated various workshops for adults and have a structure to ensure you maximize your learning.

What you can expect from the workshop:

1) Learning about the fundamentals of street photography.

2) Technical advice on setting up your camera for street photography.

3) How to be confident in the street without offending your subjects as well as respecting them. I will be beside you all the time, so no worries.

4) Learning about Composition and Design

5) A small group workshop. A group of three. No more. Therefore, a very high level of engagement.

6) The difference between monochrome and colour street photography.

7) How to anticipate before you click the shutter.

8) Learn from Magnum Photographers from my own private collection of photobooks.

9) Instant honest constructive critique & feedback during shoot and review.

10) Fun and friendship.


The duration of the workshop will last over the course of 2 and 1/2 days.


Day 1 (Friday)

7pm-8pm:  Getting to know one another during dinner.

8pm-10pm:  Lectures / Discussions on student's learning objectives and outcomes.


Day 2 (Saturday)

10am-12pm:  Meet and Shoot

12pm-1pm:  Lunch (Outside)

1pm-2pm:   Transport back to workshop

2pm-4pm:  Review of Morning shoot and Assignments for Evening shoot

4pm-5pm:  Transport to shooting location

5pm-7pm:  Assignment Shoot

7pm-8pm:  Dinner (Outside)


Day 3 (Sunday)

10am-12pm:  Meet and Shoot

12pm-2pm:  Lunch (Outside) and Transport back to workshop

2pm-4pm:  Learning to sequence and edit down your images

4pm-6pm:  Final review/Critique and feedback from everyone.

Where: Choa Chu Kang, Singapore (Shooting locations will depend on the needs of students) 

When: 1st to 3rd December 2017

Participants: Three

Focus: Refining  Photographic Vision

Fee: 500 SGD per pax*

*Dinner on Friday and transportation during workshop hours are included in the workshop.

Your personal travel expenses, lodging and other meals are not included.

You are required to:

1) Bring a digital camera (It can even be your smartphone. You may also bring a film camera along with your digital camera). The smaller and lighter the camera, the better. Let me know if you have any issues.

2) Bring a laptop (Let me know if you do not have one, I will arrange for alternatives). Reviewing and editing your images using Adobe Lightroom is recommended. I can provide two personalize presets (Monochrome and Colour) for your edits if you use Adobe Lightroom.

3) Wear a pair of good shoes and comfortable clothing as there will be a lot of walking and movement during the workshop.

I am currently working on two long term street photography projects now. One in monochrome and another in colour. It is a good time to look into my process and my struggles. How I sequenced my images and how they speak to each other. How I decide if one image should be in colour or the other to be in black and white.



Drop me an email at sebastianchinphotography@gmail.com to register your interest or if you have any other questions.


In the email, please include:

1) Your Name

2) Your Age

3) How do you hope to grow by taking this workshop

4) A portfolio of your work. Ten photographs that best describe your work is what we want to see. Just a title of your work and a short description. You may include a link to a web portfolio or a link to a Dropbox folder / Google Photos album. Just Jpegs will do.


More details will be released to you upon selection. 

Thank you and see you there!