Private Customized Workshop Just for You

Tired of waiting for your turn for guidance in a group photography workshop? Do not like small talks and want to be engaged intensely with your learning? 

If you need a photography workshop centred around you for a maximum learning experience, this unique mentor-ship program is the one. Whether you’re traveling through or local, I will bring you to my favorite spots of Singapore and guide you to become a more effective photographer. 

The "One to One Mentoring" workshop will be designed specifically to your needs and satisfaction. You can decide how long the program needs to be before you are ready to venture on your own. Be it a day or three months.

Photography for me is a long and difficult journey filled with self-doubts.

Through Sebastian’s careful and honest mentoring, I was challenged and given the much needed clarity I needed for my work.

I have learnt from him that possessing a fundamental understanding of the classic photography works from the past is useful to progress the visual design language of a photographer.

I was also made aware of my strengths and weaknesses as well as how to move forward in my journey. What Sebastian wants is not for me to adopt his or anyone’s style, but to truly push and help to sculpt my own photographic voice that belongs uniquely to my individual beliefs.
— Nicholas (@nicholas_three_streetphotos)

This workshop is for beginner / intermediate photographers who are interested in understanding basic photography / mastering street photography. As an educator of seven years, I have facilitated various workshops for adults and have a structure to ensure you maximize your learning.


1) Understanding of Photography Fundamentals and Concepts via Socratic questioning and dialogue .

2) Making your camera work for you in different scenarios.

3) Learning to study light/shadow and how it will affect your image.

4) How to pre-visualize a scene before you hit the shutter.

5) Learning how to study your own work. 

6) Loads of on-the-spot coaching in the field.

7) Choosing the right gear for your needs.

8) Technical advice on setting up your camera for street photography.

9) Learning about Composition and Design

10) The difference between monochrome and colour street photography.

11) How to be confident in the street without offending your subjects as well as respecting them.

*This is but an overview of the mentor-ship workshop. Anything can be amended according to your demands. 

Where: Your Preference / My Suggestion

When: Weekends (Subject to Availability)

Participant : Just You

Fee: $100 SGD per hour

(Min: 3 hours / Max: 6 Hours)

Your personal travel expenses, lodging and meals are not included.

You are required to:

1) Bring a digital camera (It can even be your smartphone. You may also bring a film camera along with your digital camera). The smaller and lighter the camera, the better. Let me know if you have any issues (I can loan you a camera during the workshop if needed).

2) Wear a pair of good shoes and comfortable clothes (dark colours) as there will be a lot of walking and movement during the workshop.


Direct message on Instagram (@sebastianchinphotography)  to register your interest or if you have any other questions.


Thank you and see you soon!