Visual Arts. Photography. Life.

Why I Photograph

Photography for me is a visual language, uninterrupted by words. Like how poetry use words to crave into the individual and demands for past experiences to be revisited for interpretation, a great photograph should invoke the same with light, shadows, geometry, gestures and emotion.

It is a dialogue with myself and at the same time, with the world around me. Every time I release the shutter, it is an open conversation, riddled with questions. I understand myself and the world a little better through my viewfinder.

Photography deals with reality in a physical format. This depiction of reality is often accurate, and yet at the same time not always truthful (words from Richard Avedon). It is the only art form with this mix of ambiguity. It is reality craved by the creator. The way the head falls into place, the movement of the body, the shapes and lines combining with different elements. An eternal rhythmic dance. All in a frame.

It is a visual pleasure to see this congregation of order. It can found in a portrait. A landscape. In the streets. Anywhere, only limited by the creator. The constant re-examining and dealing with the tension of a moment. Being present and lucid at the same time. To feel as if I can daydream with reality.

Photography can be a form of meditation. It can bring you to places you have been to a hundred times and yet allow you to see and feel different every time. It can be a way to tell the world how you feel. It can also be a way to find who you are. It is the only way to relive memories in a tangible form.

That is why I photograph.