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Inspiration: Judas Priest's "Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver"


While I have taken up photography as my medium of expression now, music has been inspiring me for the longest time. I truly embraced it when I learned to play the electrical guitar (failed miserably at it). It was the raison d'être of my youth. Got me through moments of self-doubt/hate and helped to forge a stronger bond with my younger brother who was the far superior musician.

Be inspired by all forms of quality art, not just photography. It will help shape your mind's eye in ways you'll never know. They can provide useful insight into your metaphysical world. Anyway here's one of my all time favorites. They just don't produce poetic music like that anymore.

Standing by my window, breathing summer breeze

Saw a figure floating, 'neath the willow tree

Asked us if we were happy, we said we didn't know

Took us by the hands and up we go

We followed the dreamer through the purple hazy clouds

He could control our sense of time

We thought we were lost but no matter how we tried

Everyone was in peace of mind

We felt the sensations drift inside our frames

Finding complete contentment there

And all the tensions that hurt us in the past

Just seemed to vanish in thin air

He said in the cosmos is a single sonic sound

That is vibrating constantly

And if we could grip and hold on to the note

We would see our minds were free...oh they're free

We are lost above

Floating way up high

If you think you can find a way

You can surely try

Solar winds are blowing

Neutron star controlling

All is lost, doomed and tossed, at what cost forever

Meteors fly around me

Comets die, and then they

And then they, you wanna see how they try to surround me

I can say, here today, we shall stay forever

If you want to find us in a hurry

Oh let me tell you don't you worry

I can't say, here today, we shall stay forever